Celebrity Waiter

Celebrities volunteer to be waiters (past examples have included Walt DeHaven, Kristin Johnson, Willie B., and Denise Plante), and you can pay your Celebrity Waiter to do anything for you… Down to serenading you with a song! + View Event


Fill The Void

Created specifically to alleviate hunger by providing reliable access to food through grocery gift cards.

Help Us End Hunger

At last December’s annual Holidays for Kids event, the students were asked what they wanted from Santa and one kindergartner yelled out “food!”. This shocking statement of need by a six-year-old brought to focus how much children in our community are suffering from food insecurity. The fear and vital concern students were feeling was about the lack of food to eat while home for the 17-day winter break. This conversation sparked the organization’s hunger initiative, Fill the Void: Amp the Cause to End Hunger, providing funding to help families experiencing poverty and economic devastation feed their children. This call to action is even more vital when the students are not at school since 100% of the children we serve through this program rely on their school to ensure they get at least two meals each day. Fill the Void’s mission is to relieve all insecurities surrounding children’s access to food, by filling the gaps that currently exist in our community. In partnership with Denver Public Schools and Aurora Public Schools, Fill the Void provides $250 gift cards to local neighborhood supermarkets to the most vulnerable and negatively impacted families suffering from hunger and food insecurity due to poverty, economic turmoil, job loss, housing insecurity, the impacts of the Covid-19 and immigration barriers.

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